i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors
Are you still in the queue? Cause I’m looking at the NYCC tag and someone is saying it’s already sold out?

yeah, i’m still waiting in the queue for around 20 min now

i dunno, i saw the sold out posts too but i didn’t see that on the site? also i just need 2 saturday passes so i don’t really care about the 3 day passes (which is what every post on here seems to be talking about)

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dan-cutler said: Wait is it in Boston? Want to check that place out if so

nah brah manhattan

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 said: xkit has a thing for it to turn it off

i don’t use xkit or any other browser extension.

I will

mmm i’m thinkin i’m gonna open up a new etsy shop just for bracelet commissions and things once i master this new super complex way of making them that results in REALLY cool bracelets, like actual woven images instead of just patterns (which are neat too!)

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I agree with you, but instead of watching those two I was down to see more Dane DeHaan personally. But it just irks me a lot that the last trailer ends with the same scene as the movie. Other than that. I mostly enjoyed it.

oh yeah definitely! just…all of the peter parker relationship dramz. relationship with gwen, friendship with harry…i’d much rather see all of that.

there was so much plot and not a lot of focus, but i still think the cast in general was really really talented, so i think that’s neat and rare that a superhero movie makes you specifically praise acting abilities 

sixmilliondeadinternets said:Please tell me that isn’t actual excrement

oh my god no it’s a block of henna and cocoa butter from Lush

they call them “caca” purposefully to show that they’re a “100% natural ‘no sh*t’ range of henna hair dyes”

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atimewillcomeforsinging said:wouldn’t virtual box work? or is there not a mac alternative for that?

wait wat

work for what?

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thesoldierfromthemountains answered:ohhhhhh my i haven’t heard anything about an ending change.. what would you want them to do?

because the ending was the worst part of the book and incredibly anticlimactic.

it was like she kind of went: “wow, those were some awesome twists and turns and so much suspense…uh…i guess i should just…um…end the book…now?” and it just…ended.

i think literally any other ending they can come up with for the film will be better than the “ending” of the book

buckybird said: Some of them hold up, but definitely not all of them. Though I stand by Rugrats and Gargoyles especially (though neither of those are CN).

haha yeah, there ya go.

tho i really do think a lot of the original cartoon network stuff is still awesome: Sheep in the Big City is even funnier to watch when you’re older, cause of all of the sophisticated references and wordplay stuff in it, and i still think Powerpuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog are great.

(even if Courage was sometimes a little 2spoopy4me when i was a young’n cause i was/am a wimp)

also i’ve heard really great things about Samurai Jack, but i personally haven’t seen it 

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That store is so disappointing I thought it was a pastry store initially it hurt to learn the truth

ME TOO i remember when it first opened and one of my friends went inside and reported back to us all like “not cupcakes, just $30 soaps, ABORT MISSION.”

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