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thesoldierfromthemountains answered:ohhhhhh my i haven’t heard anything about an ending change.. what would you want them to do?

because the ending was the worst part of the book and incredibly anticlimactic.

it was like she kind of went: “wow, those were some awesome twists and turns and so much suspense…uh…i guess i should just…um…end the book…now?” and it just…ended.

i think literally any other ending they can come up with for the film will be better than the “ending” of the book

buckybird said: Some of them hold up, but definitely not all of them. Though I stand by Rugrats and Gargoyles especially (though neither of those are CN).

haha yeah, there ya go.

tho i really do think a lot of the original cartoon network stuff is still awesome: Sheep in the Big City is even funnier to watch when you’re older, cause of all of the sophisticated references and wordplay stuff in it, and i still think Powerpuff Girls and Courage the Cowardly Dog are great.

(even if Courage was sometimes a little 2spoopy4me when i was a young’n cause i was/am a wimp)

also i’ve heard really great things about Samurai Jack, but i personally haven’t seen it 

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That store is so disappointing I thought it was a pastry store initially it hurt to learn the truth

ME TOO i remember when it first opened and one of my friends went inside and reported back to us all like “not cupcakes, just $30 soaps, ABORT MISSION.”

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buckybird said: Oh I know. The formatting for the FAQ on the film blog is a joke. I spent two hours trying to fix it last night.

yyyyep, i made an FAQ page for my Doctor Who blog, but it was too annoying to figure out how to make it look nice with text that i just posted a YouTube video answering all questions instead under the FAQ tab

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You can fix that, it’s just a pain in the ass. I’ll see if I can find an explanation for you.

that would be neat if you could!

sidebar links are weird like that, different themes have different ways around it. i guess the other solution would be to stick it in my description, but it’s not really worth doing that.

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Bucky was steves best friend in the 50s and ww2, but he was killed by the Red Skull. The end.

thank u friend.

i thought they were either friends or steve was like his mentor or something and then he defected and became evil

so that helped.

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I get discounts because of a subscription, online comics are cheaper, and I do read scans for the series I don’t want to collect. But yeah I have like $400 worth of comics in my possession and it’s scary

ahh gotcha

and yeah i’m that way about makeup…except it’s way, way more than $400 total, and somehow 90% fits in a tiny train case and bucket-ish thing

fall/winter collections are the bane of my existence especially when dusky cool-toned purples and taupes and olives and champagnes are in, so at least i can safely say “nah thanks” to the bulk of the summer collections coming out (or at least the ones that are heavy on the bronzer and warm-toned orange shades)

but otherwise it’s just so much FUN and i’m constantly inspired by new products and brands and colors, it’s such a problem

i mean they go back and do a little exposition so you won’ tbe completely lost

it’s cool i’m like 157% that my interpretation of the plot based off of some tumblr posts and movie posters in the tags of the last post is the most accurate thing ever oh yeah totally sure

no but for real i think i’ll be alright i’m just in awe of how many people are so ultra excited for this and have read all of the comics like

where do y’all get the funds for so many comics

or the milk crate space

i bought a harley quinn comic a few weeks ago and i’d love to keep up with her entire new 52 series because harley quinn is THE best but that becomes an expensive and storage-consuming lifestyle real quick

and i bought batman: court of owls two summers ago and that was a $20-something hardcover book only purchased cause i got a couple hundred dollars for my birthday and was intent on spending at least $60 of ‘em at midtown comics

tedwassanasong said: I personally love him. People give him too much shit. I do not agree with 100 % of his material.

pretty much completely agreed