i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

i got 3 As on the little midterm papers I stayed up until 6 am to write, all three on books that i barely read, and 2 of them handed in technically past the due date, for a professor who is known to be a certifiable asshole.

that’s 30% of my grade for that class.

solid A. on all of them.


that’s what he wrote on one of them.

i’m crying.

goodnight now everyone.

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serious question:

what are some tips to help concentrate on papers and stuff

(besides logging off tumblr, etc., cause i’m doing that in a few minutes)


Things that are good:

I smell like a Spicy Gumdrop™.

Things that are bad:

I still have assignments to do.

I’d forgotten what it’s like to procrastinate by reading a thoroughly engrossing book.

never again,” i whisper as i do it again.

Last night was some of the worst procrastinating I’ve ever done, and I’ve really got to change my ways…

…So of course now I’m eating jelly beans, wearing my fuzzy blanket like a cape, trying to tablet, and listening to the Anastasia soundtrack.

Why can’t this essay be about South Pacific instead?

I mean, it’s a Global Lit class, so why not?

Shit, that would be fun to write. I seriously came up with like three different thesis statements and everything when I was straightening my hair earlier.

My roommate is across from me, putting the finishing touches on the second draft of an essay that’s due a week from now…

…while I’m just sitting here typing out this assignment that has a deadline that arrives in 12 hours and 45 minutes.

The highest amount of willpower I’ve demonstrated tonight thus far is the ability to force myself to write at least half of this thing single-spaced. That way, when I switch it to double-spaced about three quarters of the way through, I can watch it spring from 7 pages to about 10, and allow a few well-deserved tears of joy to slide down my cheek.