i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

Things purchased today:

-Faux leather jacket

-Black satin lingerie slip with pinkish ivory lace, and underwear to match

-OCC lip tars in NSWF and Tarred

-Lush Peace massage bar (though they only charged me half of this price…neat.)

Mmm, today was much needed.


A “choose your own topic” paper is a lot like the plot synopsis to The Cabin in the Woods: no matter what you pick, you’re always gonna die.
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Why does Microsoft Word not recognize “shruggingly” as a real word. Every other sentence that comes out of my mouth has that tone, I refuse to believe my whole life is a lie.

what is the proper protocol when it comes to eating a bagel with cream cheese on it that has been in a minifridge since 10 am.

cause like

i want the bagel part to be warm, and the cream cheese part to be cool

so i can’t exactly microwave it, but i don’t like the bread part being cold? do i let it thaw or something? or at least come up to room temperature?

this is the toughest problem i’ve faced all of finals week i think.

that time i got an A- on my 15 page Shakespeare term paper which my professor called “excellent” and felt better about a lot of stuff.

2 hours of sleep last night

2 hours of class right now

2 hours of meetings directly after

oh my god i am so hungry.

deliver me pork buns please.


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I think I’m going to go shower and put a clay face mask on. Those things always help me to concentrate.

Bah, I really wish I had a single this year…next year though, I’ll have a spacious single within an almost soundproof suite, with a lovely view of the graveyard…mmm.

Then I can study without a shirt on and lots of bobby pins sticking out of my hair at odd angles to keep the short pieces from getting in my eyes without any unavoidable judgement from a well-meaning roommate.