i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

my publisher professor literally does not give a single shit that almost no one is paying attention to his insufferable monotone lecture.

last class there was a kid in front of me playing a full-screen online game on his laptop

like, he was rapidly clicking to shoot and didn’t even pretend that he was taking notes and just


it’s a little depressing to be honest

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honestly the thing i’m most excited about for living off campus next year is that i’ll have a stove so i can cook eggs sometimes for dinner and i’ll maybe learn how to poach them too mmm

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i’m eating “steak” from the dining hall for dinner

if i don’t make it to tomorrow morning, just know that i love you all marta

i wrote a paper for publishing class and the last page was literally all about how romance novel publisher Harlequin promoted their books through The Bachelor this season and i got an A on it so thank you for that Emerson.

so our realtor conveniently forgot to mention that the super cheap Allston apartment we almost put a deposit down on is infected with bed bugs and roaches.

i’m in the library with my laptop and no charger and i’ve only got 15 minutes of battery life left so this is like being in a giant sealed tank that’s slowly filling up with water.

>15 page shakespeare paper

>revise a play about kinky handcuff sex gone wrong

>two articles to revise

>two essays to write

>one article to write

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i got trolled by Public Safety at my college twice in one week, and then they mistook me for a freshman.

things that aren’t happening next semester:

-8 am classes

-3 classes a day, twice a week, with one hour meetings afterward

-friday classes