i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

has anyone ever bought a swimsuit at H&M before/are the bathing suits there cute and fit okay and actually STAY ON?

i bought a pair of peach-colored lace-up heeled booties and a teal and purple skull-patterned scarf in Williamsburg today for under $30.

Things purchased today:

-Faux leather jacket

-Black satin lingerie slip with pinkish ivory lace, and underwear to match

-OCC lip tars in NSWF and Tarred

-Lush Peace massage bar (though they only charged me half of this price…neat.)

Mmm, today was much needed.

I’ve got a $20 off coupon on ModCloth now that expires in three weeks which means I HAVE to spend money on clothes I half-cry over and I’ve got a time limit to do it by and well now THAT just isn’t very good for my wallet but it’s so great for my wardrobe yeah?

I went shopping today for shorts and shirts and Doctor Who comics.

All of these things and then some were purchased.

Oh my god.

I bought almost 400 dollars worth of clothes at Urban Outfitters today.

And a cute bra.

And new mascara.

And some Taco Bell.


But not really “oops” cause this stuff is 5uper gr8

I think that Hell is an affordable, adorable boutique where all of the clothes are either just a little bit too big or a little bit too small for you.

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I love going through my dresser and finding clothes I love, but haven’t seen in months. It’s like shopping, but free.

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I love it when I decide to splurge a bit on some high-quality Make Up For Ever eyeshadow, and someone switches the swatches at Sephora so I end up buying the wrong color and don’t realize it until I’m back home.

Thankfully they have a very kind return/exchange policy. Guess what I’m doing tomorrow?