i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors
But seriously, what if Facebook actually did this.

But seriously, what if Facebook actually did this.

Well, I’m sure someone ships it.

"We’ll be rich!"

"We’ll be out!"

"And St. Petersburg will have some more to talk about!"

…No doubt about that.

So, is it bad that I refer to the time I was just friends with my ex-boyfriend as “before our relationship was canon?”

I wonder if there were canon and non-canon myths way back when in the time of the Greek gods.

What if half of the stories, like the ones that involve the gods fornicating with mortals, were just ancient fan fiction that became really popular, but were never actually canon.

And if ancient Greeks could come back to life in the modern day, they would take one look at a collection of “classic” myths, and angrily get on their Tumblrs to rant about how P3gasusLvrrrxoxo’s stupid God/Mortal fanfic about Zeus coming to Earth and having sex with the human woman Leda in the form of a swan is now considered canon. Ridiculous.