i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
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Anonymous: do you have any advice for the late bloomers in life? i'm almost 20 and have yet to be asked out on a date. i feel so left behind, especially to my roommate who's on the verge of engagement to her boyfriend of multiple years.

You mean advice for how to be noticed romantically? Just try to put yourself out there best you can and be open to meeting and talking to new people. That’s how I’ve met every boyfriend I’ve had or how I’ve been asked out on dates before: meet someone new, talk to them, show that you genuinely enjoy spending time with them, and see if a romantic spark occurs.

If you make yourself approachable, you will be approached.

It’s all about having a comfortable, relaxed and approachable attitude. If you’re aloof or visibly uncomfortable around someone, they’ll pick up on your attitude and probably will not want to spend more time around you. Show the person that you like being around them, and they’ll want to spend more time around you.

It helps to appeal to them physically, but not such a specific way. Don’t start dressing a certain way or something that like that that’s out of your comfort zone and is something you’re specifically doing to attract someone. You want someone to like you because you’re awesome, not because you’re wearing a T-shirt of a band that they love (and a band which you actually hate).

Maybe you have a favorite shirt or a special way of fixing your hair that takes extra time but you like to do on occasion: wear the favorite shirt and try the new hairstyle. Those things are in your comfort zone and they’re above average to you, so the person will probably pick up on the fact that you’re putting in extra effort around them, and they’ll know that you’re interested in them and their opinion of you.

But basically, it all comes down to attitude. Be comfortable and open to talking to them, and ultimately just have an approachable attitude (and if you feel like someone is giving you these signals, then you can ask out someone too!).

That’s my advice, anyway. Hope that helps!

Anonymous: how do you know when you're in love?

you know when you’re in love when you don’t have to think about it. that person is just always in your mind, whether they’re the current focus or a hazy figure in the background, and everything you do and experience seems to relate back to them in the most subtle and sometimes subconscious ways.

an all-jewish season of The Bachelor called The Baכelor where contestants have to woo a single guy’s mother so she can decide who’s perfect for her little prince.

the intensity of every crush i ever had in middle school corresponded directly to the length of the kid’s hair.

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did u kno that my first ever boyfriend in 10th grade broke up with me on AIM after i confronted him about lying about his relationship status on gaia online.

My friend was complaining that her flatmate has incredibly noisy sex every night that the entire apartment complex can hear: it’s disturbing on so many levels.

Some embarrassing true facts about me and texting:

  • if you take more than 8 minutes to respond to my text during reasonable hours to have your phone with you, i’ll assume you’re angry with me
  • when you do eventually respond and then only send me back a one word message, i’ll assume you would prefer it if i tripped off a cliff or something
  • of course

there’s so much simon pegg on my dashboard right now for some reason and he looks so much like a bewhiskered version of my ex so it’s just making me laugh everywhere and feel slightly uncomfortable.