i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

i really do like killing time by wandering around inside of grocery stores tho cause i feel like it’s the one kind of establishment where the employees really don’t actively encourage you to buy stuff unless you’re showing an obvious interest.

like if you just keep moving and pause thoughtfully to ponder the bottles of organic goat milk every couple of aisles no one is gonna complain.

they’re like food museums, complete with interactive exhibits of free samples.

i bought an overpriced crop top and a blue raspberry slushie today and i’m going to do something possibly borderline stupid to my hair.

is this ~*~post-grad life~*~


there needs to be an italics option for iphone texting

if you’re eating alone at a seedy diner you either feel like a teenage runaway or a middle-aged man there is no in between.

i remember being like in middle school though and praying that we’d have a substitute teacher, and i would legitimately specify in my hopes that the regular teacher wouldn’t be absent due to serious illness or family problems.

"flat tire, flat tire, flat tire that requires towing to an auto repair place miles away and means you’ll have to miss your 10:15 AM Chemistry course…c’mon, flat tire!"

i completely forgot that this week is spring break so now i don’t have to do my 10 hour nyc->boston->nyc commute this week and can move my megabus ticket back to beantown to another date



my roommate is gone for the weekend

and my boyfriend is coming over at 8

you know what that means?

it means i have a half-hour to sing my lungs out to the frozen soundtrack and not get judged for it by anyone in the immediate area

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i literally have to go to a trendy lil vintage shop and an indie bookstore in cambridge tomorrow for work and class, respectively

i am very okay with this

i am making blueberry muffins tomorrow and you’re all invited

and if you tell me my hair looks nice or that you like my collection of business cards and art stuffs on the wall, i’ll put a lil powdered sugar on top of yours

goodnight (◕‿-)

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