i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

my special skills include being able to gender-swap pronouns on the spot when singing love songs.

there’s an a cappella group practicing Little Lion Man off-key in a totally not soundproof at all practice room next to me and the sound is traveling through the air vents and that is literally the very last and most specific thing i do not need at this moment.

why do i always get the most ridiculously upbeat and brainlessly peppy songs stuck in my head when i’m in a quiet, sad, reflective mood?

  • We Feel Safer At Night
We Feel Safer At Night by Takka Takka
We Feel Safer At Night

i’m gonna carry you in the day
just like i carried you at night…

  • Ascension
Ascension by Jessica Curry
Dear Esther (Original Soundtrack)

Dear Esther. I have burnt my belongings, my books, this death certificate. Mine will be written all across this island. Who was Jacobson, who remembers him? Donnelly has written of him, but who was Donnelly, who remembers him? I have painted, carved, hewn, scored into this space all that I could draw from him. There will be another to these shores to remember me. I will rise from the ocean like an island without bottom, come together like a stone, become an aerial, a beacon that they will not forget you. We have always been drawn here: one day the gulls will return and nest in our bones and our history. I will look to my left and see Esther Donnelly, flying beside me. I will look to my right and see Paul Jacobson, flying beside me. They will leave white lines carved into the air to reach the mainland, where help will be sent.

  • Coquet Coquette
Coquet Coquette by Of Montreal
Coquet Coquette - EP

Coquet coquette, you know I won’t forget
How you kissed me strange to prove you were mythical

  • I Didn't See It Coming
I Didn't See It Coming by Belle and Sebastian
Write About Love

"Make me dance, I want to surrender"

  • Turn the Lights Off
Turn the Lights Off by Tally Hall
Good & Evil

Artful dodger, easy does it
Shut the closet, get under the covers
Snakes and lovers, turn the lights off

  • Space Daddy
Space Daddy by David Devant and His Spirit Wife
Space Daddy - EP

And when you walk into the sea
You remind me the end is nice
And possibly within our lifetime
And on the last roll of the dice

  • Meat and Potatoes (Bonus Track)
Meat and Potatoes (Bonus Track) by Belle and Sebastian
The Life Pursuit (Bonus Tracks)

So we started by using handcuffs
We tried a can of cold whipped cream
I was allergic to so much dairy
She had to finish it all by herself