i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors
Anonymous: how do you know when you're in love?

you know when you’re in love when you don’t have to think about it. that person is just always in your mind, whether they’re the current focus or a hazy figure in the background, and everything you do and experience seems to relate back to them in the most subtle and sometimes subconscious ways.

The Ugly Harbinger

By Samantha Dupler

I love your smile in the harsh light
—the rotting raspberry swell of your lips.

I want to feel you,
Feel the blood and bones beneath your skin,
All warm and rough and flesh
—solid, like bark,
(I’m so glad you’re not a ghost)

I want to be your sweater—
Coffee mug,
Collared shirt,
Black leather jacket with the nicks on the back,
Blue water bottle,
Orange hat.

So in short, I’m sorry that I stole your pen,
And used it to write this poem.
(I swear I didn’t mean to)
—Besides, it’s not worthy of my hand.

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Too Much

Last night I dreamed you told me my thighs were too thin. You like your girls thick, you’ve told me this before: thick hair and thick lips with beach ball-shaped behinds. My hips poked against the sides of your high school gym shorts, white calves shining against navy blue mesh. You gave me them that day, three years ago by the pool, your body gleaming wetly like polished brass in the sun.

When I first heard you speak Spanish, your words were like fingers, tapping up my spine to the backs of my ears. Watched how you cupped your hand around the mouthpiece of your phone, cradling the sentences you spun. “My mother doesn’t speak English too well,” you explained to me in sheepish tones. “Before we hang up, she says ‘I love you too much,’ but really, she means ‘so.’”

You really didn’t have to explain something like that, or tug the woven bracelet that hugs your thin brown wrist. So I just smiled and let the hair blow into my face, sticking to the corners of my chlorine-speckled mouth— and in that instant of pure unwarranted beauty, I swear you were attracted to me.

(I wrote this my freshman year, and it was published in a literary magazine at my school the same year)

  • The Ultimate Broadway Love Song
The Ultimate Broadway Love Song by Various
Broadway Mashup

“And suddenly that name will never be the same to me!”  

A mash-up of various Broadway love songs that I made, and somewhat of a work in progress…maybe I’ll add more to it and update it eventually.

Samples from:

  • West Side Story
  • Sweeney Todd
  • Man of La Mancha
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Les Mis
  • Once Upon a Mattress
  • Wicked
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Carousel
  • Music Man
  • Nellie Forbush: “Emile, you know, my mother says we have nothin’ in common…but she’s wrong! We have something very important in common!”
  • Emile de Becque: “Yes! We are both in love!”
  • Nellie Forbush: (giggles) “Yes, but more than that, we-, we’re the same kind of people fundamentally, you and me. We appreciate things! We’re not blasé, you know what I mean?”

Meeting Boys at Parties


By Samantha Dupler

1. Primating

Here we have the human male in his natural nocturnal habitat. Half-past midnight and half-drunk on vodka shots. Note the stubble peppered atop his jawline and chin, and the permanent stench of generic brand “body spray” forming an almost visible cloud around his head: it is said that both are used to attract females of the species.

“So, uh, I’m Eric!”


“I said, I said I’m Eric, my name’s Eric.”

“What? I just, the music, I can’t…what?”

“Eric, my name is Eric.”

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