i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

mebbe i should draft up a list of new year’s resolutions for tomorrow like i did last year…

happy passover everyone

hot dog buns are contraband

i got a purim care package today with hamantaschen and groggers and a kosher chocolate bar and a metallic silver half-face mask

lilatanzerin said: Why do you not eat a kosher diet? I’m not judgemental about it, I just don’t understand how you seem to feel so Jewish but be so goyish in eating. Do you follow asei devroth but not the rest of applicable 613? I just want to understand respectfully.

Excuse me? This seems extraordinarily judgmental to me the way that you posed this question.

I don’t like how you said I “seem to feel so Jewish.” What does that even mean? Today I “feel so Jewish,” yesterday I felt so Buddhist, and tomorrow might be a Muslim or Catholic mood swing, I could go either way, really.

I’m a reform Jew, and I “feel” Jewish in plenty of other ways besides my diet. I consider myself to be much more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish. Almost all of the other Jews I know don’t keep Kosher either, and I don’t think it’s necessary in the slightest. Why should I limit myself from eating the foods I enjoy? Just because I’m affiliated with a religion doesn’t mean that I blindly follow or agree with every aspect of it, and I don’t agree with anyone or anything dictating my diet for non-health reasons.

I like shellfish, pork and other things. So I eat shellfish, pork and other things.

Look, I really do believe that you meant to be respectful by asking this, but when you ask about someone’s personal opinions on religion or something like that, it’s safe to guess that that’s a matter that should respectfully asked about through a private message, at the very least.

Also, by saying that I “seem to feel so Jewish” it’s like your doubting my own personal views and ways of honoring my own culture, while calling my eating habits “goyish,” as if I’m directly shaming and opposing my religion.

I’m sorry, I feel a little badly about going off on you like this because I don’t think you had any negative intentions, but there wasn’t much about this question that I could truthfully call “respectful.”

an all-jewish season of The Bachelor called The Baכelor where contestants have to woo a single guy’s mother so she can decide who’s perfect for her little prince.

dark chocolate coins are my gelty pleasure.


in related news, doesn’t Electric Menorah sound like an awesome name for a post-punk band?

So, I’m not eating anything until sundown tomorrow for Yom Kippur, but that’s what I usually do on weekends in the winter when the sun sets at like 3 PM and I don’t wake up until noon.

Temple Care Package! Awww yusss.

They gave me:

  • A chunk of challah
  • A bottle of honey
  • A Jewish Calendar
  • A “Shabbat in a Box” kit that was filled with a glass for “wine/juice,” 4 tea candles, some Lifesavers to “remind [me] of the sweetness of Shabbat, blessings, and a “draw-your-own challah cover” (!!!)
  • and lastly, “The Veggie Rebbe’s” challah recipe

I don’t exactly consider myself a religious person, but this made me smile today.

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The perfect apple for bringing in the New Year. All it needs is some honey…

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The perfect apple for bringing in the New Year. All it needs is some honey…