i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

>15 page shakespeare paper

>revise a play about kinky handcuff sex gone wrong

>two articles to revise

>two essays to write

>one article to write

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There’s this kid I can’t stand in my drama writing class. Today we had to deliver monologues that we wrote, and this happened:

  • He told the class that his monologue “came to him in a dream”
  • He made his own “mood lighting” before reading
  • When he was done he asked a girl in class if he “thought [he] saw a tear? Was that a tear I saw? No? Well, thought it was.”
  • The thing was about a boat being a giant metaphor for love
  • "You are the Jacques Cousteau of your own heart" was the last line

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oh god is there a bug in my room.

i keep hearing this slight clicking noise.

and i think it’s rather insect-like.

and i just can’t do bugs.

i hate them.

i really do.

except for fireflies…and pretty pictures of rare winged things in nat geo.

but otherwise i cannot stand bugs anywhere near me and if there really is something clicking and flicking and zipping around my room right now, i don’t even think i’d have the energy to be properly petrified and annoyed.

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Oh wow why am I feeling all the things at 2 in the morning when I’ve got a meeting at 10.