Let's be friends, yeah?

Why the fuck are people happy about this shitty casting.

I’m sorry, but, like…no.

And sorry to everyone who loves Emma Watson, but last I heard, those rumors aren’t true, and she is not Cosette (thankfully).

With the exception of the Thénardiers (and even then, I’m praying to the theatre gods that Helena Bonham Carter won’t make this role Mrs. Lovett pt.2, not to mention, GARY OLDMAN WOULD HAVE MADE AN AWESOME THENARDIER. Also, where’s your accent mark over the “e” IMDB?) this cast is such a pile of steaming shit that I don’t even know where to start. Why not cast actual music theatre actors (with the exception of Gary Oldman in a role where you really don’t need an ace sort of voice anyway) and watch the money pour in anyway just based on the fact that it’s a Les Mis movie and people will absolutely see it?

And you can see how pissed I am because I’m cursing.

I never curse on here unless it’s serious business.

And musical theatre, most notably South Pacific and Carousel and Les Misérables is serious business.

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