i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors


Was the only one who had the twelve year-old crap scared out of them by how ominous these death sequences were?

The Bachelor Recap: Episode 2

I’m not the biggest fan of reality television.

Most of the time, I flat-out can’t stand it, which is the case with most MTV/VH1-type shows, like Teen Mom or Jersey Shore or something else involving teenagers making poor decisions. Other times, I legitimately fall in love with one, like the criminally underrated The Mole or On the Lot.

But there’s one show in particular that has a very special distinction, for it encapsulates perfectly everything that a reality television show should be, by striking that perfect balance between sincerity and absurdity: which is, to say, 97% ridiculousness with a dash of sanity sprinkled between commercial breaks.


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Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword


zelda looks like a jew

Yes…because all of us Jews have flowing, straight blonde hair and enormous blue eyes? I’m not a video game person, so it’s possible I’m missing a joke here, but…what?

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To pass the time, I’m gonna make GIFs out of the openings of TV shows I liked when I was a young’n.

Mid-90’s to mid-2000’s nostalgia: COMMENCE!

My friend really wants these shoes, so I made her a GIF to stare longingly at.

My friend really wants these shoes, so I made her a GIF to stare longingly at.

I could watch this thing on a loop re- OH WAIT THAT’S WHY I MADE IT A GIF.

Yes, that is my name in the opening credits. :P

Three days of vicious, self-taught Photoshop right there.

See, this is why I need to go back to school, because then stuff like that gets created.