i have very mixed feelings about sparkly nail polish.
Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

i spent five hours in a car with a desk lamp pressing into my shoulder, and now i’ll spend eternity with a lightbulb-shaped dent in my skin.

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my suitemate is a suiteheart who tapes chocolate and encouraging Post-it notes to people’s doors when they’re feeling down

so what i’m basically saying is, everyone should go follow Tori

a girl in my suite got her purse and keys stolen the other day so the school changed the locks at 9:30 this morning and literally never told us so we all got locked out of our own dorm for most of the day and once we got back inside we had to put gaffing tape over the lock so we could just push it open like a fucking saloon door which meant anyone could enter our room too and steal our toothbrushes or something cause we didn’t get our new keys until about 20 minutes ago.

way 2 go emerson college.

so, i live with 5 other girls in my suite, and we all keep our hair dryers and straighteners and stuff in the same cabinet together under the sink. even though they’re all together, it’s pretty clear that they’re not exactly there for community use.

but yesterday i went to grab mine, and found it was plugged into the wall…and it was still warm.

nuh-uh. not cool brah.

it’s like, i don’t really care if someone in my suite wanted to use it, but i do care when someone in my suite just takes it without asking and leaves it plugged in like that and just yeah.

Someone in my suite made popcorn and I forgot to shut my dorm door so now my single smells like a private screening theater.

the only good thing about living in an overheated dorm is that knitted short-shorts become an all-year-‘round thing.

oh my god i just put my clothes in the wash but i forgot to make sure that each of the two washers had a detergent sheet in it

and i only realized this until after i started the washers

and the machine doors locked shut

and now i’m irrationally freaking out and googling “can too much detergent ruin clothes” in case i put two sheets in one machine by mistake and “what happens if you wash clothes without detergent”

the latter of which i am mildly surprised and mortified to see that google had an autofill for


I’ve got fresh flowers in my room and having fresh flowers means I cannot be sad.

I think I’m going to go shower and put a clay face mask on. Those things always help me to concentrate.

Bah, I really wish I had a single this year…next year though, I’ll have a spacious single within an almost soundproof suite, with a lovely view of the graveyard…mmm.

Then I can study without a shirt on and lots of bobby pins sticking out of my hair at odd angles to keep the short pieces from getting in my eyes without any unavoidable judgement from a well-meaning roommate.

I think I’m gonna go clean up my entire dorm now, just in time to pack it all up in a week and a half.

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