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i meant that i use Urban Decay’s Naked BASICS palette all the time, not the Naked 2 one

i don’t even own the Naked 2 one, or the original Naked

also Naked 3 came out?? or is coming out really really soon?? man i am so behind on product releases that’s what happens when you’re broke

Anonymous: Out of curiosity, what are your favorite brands of eye makeup (mascara, eye-liner, eye-shadow, etc.)?


well kiers can confirm that i am presently obsessed with Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyes line of eyeliner. you can wear that stuff through 4 hours of class and six hours of work and it still won’t smudge a bit by midnight. i wear the dark brown one almost daily. Urban Decay has a gorgeous shade range and i have a couple of their 24/7 liners, but i find they smudge on me a little, and i have one NARS Larger Than Life liner in Barrow Street (bright seafoam) which is such a kickass color. but i’d go with MUFE for the best formula.

i’m currently wearing daily Lorac’s Cobra Mascara (it was given to me when i was at Allure) but once that’s used up, i’m going back to my dependable favorite Buxom Lash (you can get it at Sephora), and i like it cause it’s volumizing mascara that doesn’t look clumpy and the comb is super super fine and spiky so it lengthens a bit nicely too.

i don’t wear eyeshadow that often, but when i do it’s almost always Urban Decay, cause their palettes are AWESOME. lately i’ve been wearing more color on my eyelids though, so that’s neat. their Ammo palette was one of the first “nice” cosmetics i ever bought and i use their Naked Basics palette at least twice a week, especially for more contoured looks

okay so make up for ever aqua eyes liners are the greatest pencils i’ve ever used and i’m SO UPSET that i waited this long to finally throw down a twenty and try one

okay so i’m glad i waited to buy this NARS eye pencil with the gift card i got for my birthday, but honestly, i would have gladly paid 24 dollars of my own money for it because w0W it’s gorgeous and quality and super unique. 

can someone please tell me why my all-time favorite “signature scent” perfume is being discontinued

literally every time i’ve worn it around a dude i get a compliment on it, the notes just complement each other and my style/personality so well, and there is seriously no other scent even remotely similar

i mean good thing i bought a back up bottle and the bottle i currently use is applied sparingly but

r u srs with this

i bought some more lip tars today mmm

Anonymous: I was curious, what color lip tars do you have?

i have NSFW and Tarred! I wanna get a trillion more though, including some of the weirder colors, like Digitalis or Grandma or RX

Just received the Philosophy “Taste of Holiday” shower gel collection set from my mommy in the mail. :D

Scents include:

  • Sparkling Cranberry Bubbly
  • Brown Butter Cookie
  • Spicy Gumdrop
  • The Gingerbread Man
  • Barely Glazed

Do I have to bathe with them, or can I eat them instead?

So, dyeing my hair is probably a Bad Idea since that will be semi-permanent and I need to Make A Good Impression all the time always.

I’ll just stick to black lipstick on occasion and maybe pick up some of those clip-in colored extensions from Sephora.