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Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

Nancy Drew Top 5 Favorite Culprits video is absolutely happening.

Here, I’m sticking the rest of this under a Read More cause it’s more Nancy Drew nostalgic obsession stuff, so if you’re tired of hearing me geek out about it, you don’t have to see.

And, I’m fairly certain that this one is going to have actual video clips of the games!

And I’m talking about “favorite” as opposed to “scariest” or something, cause I mean that I just thought that these guys were great villains, whether they were creepy or clever or pathetic or hilarious.

(Though these will just be my personal preferences for games 4-6, 8-15 and 23, cause those are the ones I own/have played. But, I’ll reference some villains between games 1-23, because those are the ones I know the ending to, out of curiosity.)

(I don’t know the culprit for anything past game 23 though, and spoilers are not appreciated ‘cause I might get one of those games for my Mac to play with my sister so we can geek out and be all nostalgic, and it would be lovely if we could have a chance to both guess the villain incorrectly and spoiler-free, as semi-usual.)

I love/hate Tumblr for both allowing and encouraging me to geek out about these games recently. Bahahaha.

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