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Lazy Wet Thursday Without the Metaphors

An actual conversation:

Dude: Do you celebrate Christmas?

Me: I’m a Jew.

Dude: I know, but, do you celebrate Christmas?

(And this guy knows that my whole family is Jewish, so I’m definitely not of mixed-faith)

And another:

Dudette: Are you getting a little Christmas tree for your dorm?

Me: Nope, but I do have my dinky light-up menorah.

Dudette: Aw, cute. But are you getting a tree too?

Me: Nah, I’m a Jew, you know that.

Dudette: I know, but a Christmas tree is like an American thing, you know?

Me: Er, I thought it was more of a Christian thing…

Dudette: [sincerely and well-meaning] Oh, it’s fine, I get it, you’re Jewish.

Me: …Yep.

Dudette: But even though you’re a Jew, you’re still gonna put up lights, right?

In response to my friends’ definitions of the words “Jew” and “Christmas”:

  1. keasbeydays said: I’m an atheist and I still celebrate Christmas :/ Only the lights and trees and gifts and SAANNTTTAAAAAAAAAA parts though.
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  3. allonsy221b said: my friend has lights with plastic stars of david on them so they glow, they are pretty cool
  4. timetoturnonthelight said: best use of a gif I’ve seen in so long.
  5. goaway4evahokay said: WOW. People really are retarded sometimes. But that’s cool that you’re Jewish!
  6. basilsaurus said: Ugh. That must be so annoying!
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