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Wanna dress like Clara Oswald?


Of course you do, those little patterned dresses are freakin’ adorable.

I wrote a style guide that’s perfect for cosplay or just everyday fashion inspiration, complete with links to affordable Oswald-style clothing! 

Check out what you need to emulate Clara’s cutest looks, from Peter Pan collars to adventure-friendly ankle booties.

Clara Oswald style and cosplay guide here!



"Feeding My Fashion" Vogue Japan December 2012
by Cedric Buchet

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Designer’s Project Matches Pantone Swatches with Tiny Everyday Objects

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We can be heroes, just for one day.

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spent about an hour cruising through that glitch town on google street view last night. usually street view glitches are fleeting, isolated things, but this one goes for miles and miles! and the data is from 2007!

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"author and teen whisperer"

teen aren’t as dumb as you think they are and people like john green perpetuate the idea that somehow teen need to be talked to in a different language to make them understand basic concepts

this goes hand in hand with his whining about how adults are inherently boring and that’s why he can’t doesn’t write for/about them

Anonymous: I need more context for your john green hate. who's calling who a prophet? someone's calling john green a prophet? why? what prompted that statement?




Intricate Bird Illustrations Drawn Inside Medicine Boxes by Sara Landeta

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